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Spring Cleaning

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If you are anything like me, you are tired of the cold. (At least, if you live in a place that it gets cold. The rest of you can stop reading here and go to the beach or something.) As I was saying, it has been cold. Your doors and windows have been closed for the past several months and the air inside is less than fresh. You have probably tracked in a lot of dirt on your boots and you are done with mopping (if you have even gotten that far).

Well friends, it’s almost over (unless of course it either never started or you live too far north…) and it is time to get ready to get that deep winter dank out of your house! Crank up that cleaning playlist!

Let’s get started! Open wide the windows and doors! Let that fresh air get into the house. The key point here is to open at least two and preferably on opposite ends of the house. The air needs to move through your house and get that stale air out of the corners and under the bed.

Air out the blankets, sheets, and area rugs you don’t normally wash. That massive comforter you have that’s too big to regularly get washed? Pop that outside if you have a large enough place. If not, hang it in the doorway! But while you’re at it, put your pillow in the wash. Yeah, this is a thing you can do. Be sure to check the label first!

But before you use your washing machine, CLEAN IT. This might seem redundant, but it is important. Just run an empty load of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. Do this with your dishwasher as well. And don’t forget your oven. Note: you can purchase products that do this, but they really aren’t necessary.

Vacuum. For the sake of your allergies, vacuum. And because this kicks up a lot of dust, do it before dusting. Then dust. Don’t forget to get the little crevices and the tops of bookshelves (and the books themselves). Dust your plants too!

Speaking of plants. Once the house is clean you might want to consider more plants. They clean the air and keep your house feeling fresh. They may also contribute to your sense of well-being.

Now is also a time to get rid of the stuff in your house that you don’t use. Donate all those clothes you don’t wear! You might think you’re going to use that Inflatable Hello Kitty Boat one day, but let’s be fair: it’s been sitting in a box in the closet for two years now. Get rid of it!

This is a lot of cleaning. Don’t try to get it all done in one day, but don’t let it sit for weeks! There is no time like today!

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