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Off-Campus Housing 101 is a network of rental websites the U.S. and the Caribbean. Our database showcases rental properties of various types such as apartments, houses, condos, basement suites, executive, shared/roommate accommodation, furnished, mobile homes and townhouses. We were the first internet listing service in Canada to pioneer a new and improved way to advertise and search rental properties: online rather than in newspapers and magazines.

In addition, we were the first internet listing service in the U.S. to offer an international off-campus housing solution utilizing our Off Campus Housing 101 search engine. We assist landlords in reaching out to students from over 100 different colleges and universities and help students find a home away from home.

Since our humble beginnings back in 1998, we have always provided your first 30 day listing free so you can try-before-you-buy. This allows you to realize the value of our service before you are asked for a fee. We now have thousands of satisfied long-term landlords with over 15 years of business with us. Although many of our services are automated, we have always maintained a toll-free customer hotline for landlords requiring additional help with their listings or accounts and custom services for our larger property management companies.

Off-Campus Housing 101 provides the most up-to-date database of rental properties. All listings are added and maintained by the landlord or property owners themselves, to ensure the listing are as current as possible.

For a nominal fee, Off-Campus Housing 101 provides enormous exposure through many partners working together for maximum exposure. Since all the sites are connected based on geography, it doesn’t matter which site you visit. Our network is even partnered with over 100 North American colleges and universities, expanding your overall exposure.

ECOM Media Group Inc. is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the software industry while exhibiting an unmatched commitment to providing superior service and quality to our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders. Thank you for taking the time to read about our service and please contact us toll free if you have any questions at all at 1-844-853-5980.

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